Collective. is an independent, student-driven think-tank at The Hague University which spans all faculties. A lack of communication within the university has left students in a grey area, either missing out on opportunities which are beneficial to them or having their voices not heard by those who wield influence. Collective strives to create a community feeling within the university by creating a student voice and platform.

What is Collective?

Our Vision

Collective. is a group of students and young professionals at The Hague University of
Applied Sciences. We wish to give a voice to young thinkers of 21 st century Europe to
show how our generational challenges necessitate living, working and thinking
together, as an undeniable collective.


Our Mission

Our mission is producing a magazine publishing student-driven thought to establish
a dialogue about the generational challenges we face and inspire readers to meet
those challenges as the undeniable collective we are.