Meet The Team


Fenna Milbauer

Chair & Editor

Fenna is currently a third-year student in International Public Management and the editor and chair of Collective. Writing and editing are her passions, she believes that by sharing our stories we enable people to have a voice and build bridges of understanding. Other than being a part of Collective you can find her running around (or sitting in her beloved Lighthouse cafe) trying to be as involved as possible. She works in the BRV faculty and for the Center of Expertise Global and Inclusive learning and volunteers for Democrats Abroad.


Aga Babicz

Creative Innovation Director

Aga comes from Poland and is a second-year International Communication Management student. She tries to be active in the school life by being a part of The Student Ambassador Team, ICM Marcom Team and Degree Programme Advisory Committee. She joined Collective. to be involved in the growth of a supportive and inspirational community.

In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, visiting museums, reading books, going to yoga & zumba classes, and testing plant-based recipes.

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Kinza Hussain

Content Manager

Kinza has been writing poetry since she was sixteen, which is when she started reading up on politics and activism. She hasn’t stopped reading since and now tries raising awareness about the issues she reads about, she does this by starting the conversation (as Fenna often says). She is not only a people’s person but considers herself to be a person of the people. This is why in the future she hopes to be able to make changes that will have lasting positive impacts on the lives of others. 

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Flavia-Ioana Tofan

Social Media Manager

Flavia, or Deminiss as some people call her, discovered her passions be chance. Reading helped her escape from the mundane reality, and saved her from getting lost in a world where she does not feel like she belongs to. Music and writing gave her a voice, an opportunity to understand people and herself. She believes that everybody has their own story and sharing them keeps us alive. That’s why she continue writing, singing and reading: She wants to make sure that at least one person feels less lonely, or feels like is someone who understands. 

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Irene Ojeda Pérez

Design Director

Irene is from Gran Canaria, Spain. She studies Industrial Design Engineering at THUAS and is a student representative for this course. She enjoys travelling and learning about people around the world and their cultures. Drawing has been one of her passions for as long as she can remember and she thinks there is no such thing as a dessert being “too sweet”. 

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Marie-Louise Abolmaali

Event and Newsletter Assistant

Marie is a student of international public management at THUAS. She is constantly stuck between extremes, be it professionalism or pink hair, writing or drawing, doing schoolwork or petting the dog. Because she is bad at making decisions she usually just tries to do everything. There is one thing she is sure about though: she is here to somehow leave a mark, bring about change or however you want to phrase it.

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Hadiatou Barry

Events Director

Hadiatou is a fourth-year European Studies student, a social entrepreneur and, a one young world ambassador. She was one of the initial founding members of Collective and next to that she is also active as a board member for the student association Heart of Africa. In her free time, Hadiatou enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends. As a humanitarian, she advocates for the voiceless street children of Labé. She firmly believes that to see the changes we wish to see in the world, we must act.

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Angelina Ignatjeva

Marketing Director

Angelina is a communications professional that studies International Communications Management. She is concentrating on helping people and is passionate about making a difference in people's lives (by giving the best advice she can). She believes in the power of character and Universe. In the meantime, if your lucky you might find her somewhere around THUAS in a perfectly color-coordinated outfit.

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Vanessa Dietzschold

Public Relations Director

Vanessa is a third-culture kid who grew up in Bali. She speaks both English & Indonesian fluently, en een beetje Nederlands.
She's always busy looking out for the 'why' in her life in order to craft the many 'hows' that come her way. By combining Positive Psychology and Communications Management, she aspires to help people flourish in the Age of Information.

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Ena Cintakinta Ivković

Content Manager

Ena is an Indonesian-Serbian second year Law student, with a bundle of different passions- including but not limited to; video games, football, graphic design, activism, poetry, writing and reading about Law! The Hague is full of intersectionality, and Ena was glad to find this present within the Collective team as she is most comfortable in the presence of diversity. She is involved in a few other student organizations in the Hague University, hoping to strive and fulfil her greatest passion of all: helping and giving joy to others.

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Simona Poorova

Content Assistant

Simona comes from a lovely tiny country right in the middle of Europe (yeah, in the middle and no discussion about this) – Slovakia. She is an International Relations and Diplomacy student of University of Derby in English Midlands, currently on a year long exchange in Den Haag. Except the fact that these past two years Simona has got pretty well adjusted to rainy and windy weather, she has also had the craving for creating something valuable with and for people around her. To meet, to talk, to exchange, motivate and get motivated, support and wonder – that is her main hobby. Plus, she loves to put her thoughts on the paper and has only recently created her own blog also to share them. With this in  mind, is there any better place where to use her time and energy here in the Netherlands than in the young, bright and inspiring Collective?