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Finding the Charm

by Elizabeth Nentcheva

“crying in the rain”

Why do people hate the rain?

Who decided that it's depressing?

What if we are looking

from the wrong perspective?

Nature also has emotions,

and it is so beautiful.

How nature can be happy, sad, furious -

and even lonely.

Why did we decided its tears

have to be seen as something bad?

What if nature is actually crying with you?

On bad days, when you need support.

What if nature is crying with you, for you?

And when you are happy?

What if nature cannot resist your happiness

and bursts into tears out of pride for you.

What if the rain is actually not that bad

And it all depends on our perspective?

The way we decide to see things

determines their value.

“charm in details”

Exactly when

the sky has its prettiest colours

you need to stop.

Even when in a rush

just stop for a second

and let your eyes

admire them.

Let your mind

explore them.

Let your memory 

remember them.

Let your soul feel them.

The colours

that the sky chose today,

this exact blend,

is unique.

It will never be the same again,

and you were so close

to missing it.

And we all,


are so close 

to losing the unique things

that are happening around us.

all the time.


And it’s such a loss

that we pay huge attention

only to the things

that don't deserve our energy, 


and soul.

“light soul”

Even if you are in a rush

Stop and

look around,

calm your mind,

free your soul.

Give yourself a moment

of emptiness.

A moment only for you,

without any worries.

A moment to admire

what you happen to see

and be grateful.

Thank yourself,

for how far you have come,

for the journey you took

and for the one

that you will be choosing

from now on.

Be grateful,

for all the oppurtunities you had.

Take a deep breath, 


and empower yourself

for the new ones that are coming.

Give yourself a moment 

of calmness

and lightness

for the soul.

“shore’s perspective”

In those days when nothing feels right


Rocks wouldn't be that beautiful

if the waves weren’t hitting them,

if the salt wasn’t eating them,

if the wind wasn’t scratching them

or maybe it is because

the waves are hugging them

and the salt is kissing them

and the wind is dancing with them.

What if everything 

that you think is torturing you

is actually shaping you,

and making you beautiful?


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