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Back when I was in primary school, I had the most amazing group of friends. We were four girls “a cuál más distinta”(sorry for the Spanish but, basically, we could not possibly be more different from each other). The endless chats I had with them and the adventures we shared are some of my most cherished memories of all time. We built such a healthy and beautiful bond that I still talk about it from time to time.

I remember other groups back in school where not everyone got along or those same people fighting because of members not being invited to some event (whatever we considered an event as ten-year-olds). That was not the case for us. We could hang out in whatever combination we wanted because we were all true friends to one another. We deeply cared about each other and all of us knew we were not going to hurt our friends on purpose.

We slowly grew up and met new people, one of my friends even changed schools when we reached high school. But everything remained the same, at least for a while. As time went on, I lost touch with this one friend and grew closer to other people in our high school. However, no matter the back and forth we went through, the remaining three of us stayed in touch (as it is inevitable when you are still in class together for seven hours, five times a week). Us three still hang out to this day and, despite me living far away, we manage to schedule time together from time to time. Meeting with them is always refreshing, anecdotes pop up all the time, and laughter is a constant with us.

The other day, one of my classmates decided to go through the old school magazines he had kept and saw a picture of me and my long-lost friend, so he sent it to me. What did I do? I sent it to her, of course. We then talked for a bit about how we would love to go back to primary school with all our classmates and how we were sad that we hadn’t kept in touch as much as we should. Nostalgia hit me hard, I’m not going to lie. I searched every folder in my computer for old pictures of us four and I texted my friends over a dozen photos. We all loved talking about old stories and seeing how our styles had changed over the years. And we spent HOURS doing so. After we reconnected, we realised that there was no real reason for us not to meet in the future. Plans are being made for us to go out for dinner after this madness ends. I honestly can’t wait to see them and hear about what they have done in all this time. I have so many questions and crazy stories to tell them.

Often, we don’t reach out to the ones we love because of pride or shyness. I bet there is someone you thought about when you read that. They are just a text away! Remind them that you care about them, share a picture you have of you two, maybe plan something… Make the effort. Are you really going to miss on the opportunity of reconnecting with them?

By: Irene Ojeda Pérez


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