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By: Amber M. Arif

Get all your boxes ticked.

Be like all that already is.

Shaped by fear, shaped by all that is


Poured into all that is already known

How will you know then,

all that you know?

All that you are shaped by

all your common


What you are.

Tick your own box

the box that says

“I am everything,

and everything is me.”.

I am not to be put in sections

sections are to be put in me

for I am



By: Ena Cintakinta Ivković

I have been defiled

several times

by their hands

and his hands,

the one who was supposed to fix me.


by the universe

and even myself.

My body is stained

it has been so from before I was born.

My body was written and readied

by the laws of the universe.

For what purpose?

I ask and plead

for what purpose

was it prepared

that I was to be stained, defiled, and wronged.

Has the universe

written and readied

my release too?

A Room of My Own

By: Orkhan Khanlarov

I remember the window in my room

it overlooked a church

and every night I prayed to God

wishing for the world to stop

and if not for my heart to cease.

I filled my cups with tears, they dried

like my faith withered on a crucifix.

I asked God if he saw what he did

but only deafening silence filled my room.


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