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"Is it ALWAYS raining in The Netherlands?"

"In my photography you meet scenes which you will never encounter in real life. Because a green room fully covered with grass does not exist. On the streets you will never meet a person that wears all current fashion trends at the same time. In my work, this is possible. In my photographic practice, I construct images. I change, add or deduct elements in the scenes I pick. Specific color combinations and compositions direct the attention of the viewer.”

Drawing on sources in from the outside, such as tourists who once visited The Netherlands, I am searching for the identity of the country where I was born and raised. Does that make me a tourist guide?

By taking distance, canI get new insights into the familiar? If the exaggerated descriptions of my sources become true, and their words are watched literally, what remains? 

"Is it ALWAYS raining in Netherlands? :O”

“Prepare only for the worst - take raincoats and umbrellas with you and consciously forget your sunglasses at home.”

Project by Jessica Nap

Jessica is a Dutch photographer in her final year of Photography at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. Her work is influenced by experience in fashion design & textile design and set design.


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