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Identity is a Process

I would like to say that identity is like two mirrors facing each other Reflecting the same subject, yet creating an infinite amount of images. My identity is a process… A process in which I try to learn about myself, and my place in this world. Woman. African American. Biracial. Are labels that define my outer identity. Highlighting how I see the outside world, and how it sees me.

But these labels are staunchly black and white. Putting us into boxes despite living in a world made of different colors and shapes. Gifted with the freedom to choose, to live or simply be. Identity is never one thing, and so I refuse to treat it as such. In this world, my identity is always shifting Being molded by the places I go, and the experiences I encounter. Therefore, I say my identity is a process, and I am okay with that.

By: Ricky Rommelse


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